Isolation FaceShield (Box of 20)

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$ 60.00 


Scope of Application: It is used to block body fluids, blood splashing or waves splashing. 

Structure: the product consists of protective cover (PET), foam strips, rubber bands, plastic rivets, and stickers. 

Model Specifications

Length, Width, Thickness: 320mm X 220mm X 0.18mm (12.6 inch X 8.7 inch X 0.007 inch)


  • Before wearing, check for any damage on the face shield and whether the rubber band is loose
  • The shelf life of the product is five years. Products beyond the shelf life are strictly prohibited
  • This product is recommended for one-time use

Instructions for use: 

  • Pull the elastic band so that the elastic band is close to the back of the head; then stick the foam strip to the forehead. Adjust the position of the isolation mask to make it suitable for the user
  • Once the face shield is on, avoid touching the front of the shield to prevent the protective effect from being reduced
  • After removing the face shield, put it into a covered trash can to discard it 

Storage conditions

  • Stored at room temperature.


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